Aromatics, Trauma, and Resiliency

Trauma-informed Aromatherapy

An introductory certificate course on becoming trauma-informed and how essential oils can support healing and build resiliency.

3 Tuesdays
Date: September 27, October 4 and 11  *Unable to attend live? No worries, it will be recorded!
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 EST

The autonomic nervous system is

the heart of our lived experience.

- Deb Dana



Stressed out? Feeling anxious? Worried? Overwhelmed? Fearful?

Join Jade Shutes for this innovative and timely course on Aromatics, Trauma, and Resiliency -  Becoming Trauma-Informed.

Throughout our time together, you will learn how trauma and chronic stress impact our physical and emotional well-being and how essential oils (and other aromatics) can be used to support yourself, your family, friends, and clients.

Discover the power of our sense of smell for emotional healing and in building resiliency.

A certificate of attendance will be provided. Earn CE hours for aromatherapists.

Unable to attend live? No worries, you will be able to access recordings inside the course!

Topics to be covered

Trauma-informed: What is it?

Types of Trauma

The Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory

The Power of Our Sense of Smell

Trauma, Chronic Stress, and the Stress Response

Essential oils as adaptogens, neurostimulants, neurosedatives, antidepressants, etc.

Principles of Trauma-informed aromatherapy practice

Formulating for Trauma and Chronic Stress

Herbs and herbal teas to support nervous system

The Potential Impacts of Chronic Stress and Trauma on Health and Well-being

Resiliency: Defining how to Build Resiliency

Turkey, Senir in June

Meet Your Instructor

jade shutes trauma course

With over 32 years in the field of aromatherapy and holistic health, Jade is bringing her knowledge and experience through her own personal journey with trauma, both acute and complex, to the forefront of her work. Over the past seven years, Jade has studied Polyvagal Theory at the Polyvagal Institute, Jungian Somatics with Jane Clapp, Herbs and Somatic Practices for Stress, Trauma and Resilience with Larken Bunce, and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy at the Embody Lab including Polyvagal Theory and Pathways to Connection with Deb Dana.

She has completed "Embodying Nature: Exploring the 5 Elements Inside" and "Intersections with Somatic Experiencing: Promoting Post-Traumatic Growth Using SE and Hakomi" with Somatic Experiencing International.

Jade has studied with the BlueKnot Foundation in Australia and holds a certificate in 'Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness' and 'Introduction to Energy Psychology for Working with Trauma and Complex Trauma' from BlueKnot. She also holds a certificate for 'Trauma-Informed Herbalism in Clinical Practice" from the American Herbalist Guild and 'Healing Trauma' with Dr. Peter Levine through the Embody Lab.

She is currently studying "Transforming The Elements: Supporting the Mental & Emotional with Essential Oils" with Tiffany Carole.

Throughout her studies, Jade has been most interested in the intersection between trauma, aromatics, and somatics. This retreat is the result of her own journey with both acute and complex trauma, its far reaching impact on the body/mind/psyche, and the power of aromatics, our sense of smell, and somatics & embodiment practices in supporting healing and building resiliency.

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