Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists, Nutritionists, and Aromatherapists

Tongue Assessment with Larken Bunce

Tuition: $149

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Traditional assessment methods, such as reading the tongue, face or pulse, are invaluable doorways to the inner terrain, giving us clues about qualities such as moisture and heat, as well as a sense of tension and overall vitality. We can also gain entry into the psychoemotional world of the client, allowing insight into a person’s world view and perceptions, as held in and expressed through the body. Assessing the tongue is especially useful for understanding the state of digestion, but also serves as a microcosmic mirror of all of the organs, as well as a person’s integrated function. Tongue assessment is relatively easy to learn and apply and will give practitioners a valuable starting point for crafting effective, individualized protocols based on the specific energetic and functional presentations of each client.

Course Description

This course will cover foundational theories of tongue assessment and guide participants in selecting herbs and other interventions (essential oils, food, lifestyle choices) based on various tongue presentations. Participants will practice assessments between classes and will be invited to bring questions back to live sessions.

Tongue assessment can actually be fairly intuitive and doesn't require as much memorization as some other systems of assessment. Once you get the basics, it's easy to begin using this valuable tool right away. This is a great opportunity to receive step by step guidance in adding tongue assessment to your toolkit and promises to be interesting and useful for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!
Using tongue assessment, you'll learn to:

  • assess qualities of temperature, moisture, tension, tissue integrity, circulation and overall vitality
  • determine broad personal constitution and energetic properties of specific dysfunctions
  • differentiate acute vs. long-term tongue qualities and how they might change over time
  • recognize simple and more complex patterns and understand appropriate goals to address them
  • match plants (and other strategies) to people based on pattern recognition
  • create individualized and effective protocols for yourself, family and clients

Tongue Assessment with Larken Bunce

Tuition: $149


Larken Bunce

Larken Bunce, MS is a clinical herbalist, educator, writer, gardener, and photographer. She is founding co-director and core faculty at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, which runs a full-time sliding-scale community clinic and a 3-year training program for clinical herbalists. Her practice and teaching draw equally from science and spirit, novel practice and tradition, clinic and garden, reflecting her diverse experiences in over 20 years in the field. She is committed to the ongoing work of social and ecological justice and repair, especially as these relate to herbal medicine. She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine, as well as certificates in Zen Shiatsu, Swedish/Esalen Massage, and Mind-Body Skills. Larken is passionate about clinical mentorship, bridging traditional healing models with biomedical sciences, and restoring Nature to culture through herbal and