About Surfacing: Aromatherapy for Depression Course

Learn how to utilize essential oils to support treatments of different kinds of depression.

Surfacing is the act of rising to the surface of a body of water making it possible for the person to breathe again, emerging and arising from pain. 

Depression is a condition that affects mood and feelings and many people suffer from it. If you suffer from it, you can become immersed in gloom. You lose interest in the people and things around you and can no longer really enjoy what you do, what you feel. If the feelings of sadness last longer than two weeks, it is important to take proper action in the form of prevention or treatment.

Depression is the most common of all mental illnesses. It is commonly more often women than men who suffer from it. But it can affect anyone, regardless of age, education or ethnic origin. About five to eight percent of people in any western country suffer from depression every year. But the percentage of people around the world who have a depression at some point in their life is many times higher (almost 20%).

In Japan, depression is equally divided between men and women and depressive states are very much related to work stress. 

Depression sometimes goes away, but usually not on its own. About half of people with depression recover within three months. Another part, about one fifth, can suffer from it for years

SURFACING: Aromatherapy for Depressive Stages

Aromatherapy Techniques with Jonathan Benavides

Theoretical Approach

Course themes:

In this 2-full day course we will look at:

    • What is depression?
    • Causes and symptoms of depression
    • Different kind of depression
    • Depression physiologically speaking
    • Depression in daily life
    • Relation between anxiety and depression
    • Aromatherapy and anxiety: back into inner peace 
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Methods Used

  • Knowing yourself: compassion and kindness
  • Healing depression through self-compassion
  • Creating a space of self-love and forgivenessAromatherapy for different kinds of depression
  • Aromatic consultation
  • Aromatherapy at work and in stress situations
  • Expanding body and mind with essential oils 
  • Depression and anxiety breath Work
  • Homeopathic aromatherapy: working with the soul
  • Acupressure aromatherapy for anxiety and depression
  • Touch for connecting and grounding
  • Sensorial techniques for relief and rebalancing
  • Learning to live with no depression
  • Blending for emotional wellbeing
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Who is this cours for?

This course is for any health care professional, aromatherapist, healthcare personnel, health care student, massage therapists, social workers, mental health workers, carers or anyone interested in learning to help cope with depression and anxiety using aromatherapy within a health care environment, home care or private practice.

Tuition: $375.00


Meet Your Instuctor: Jonathan Benavides

Jonathan Benavides
Jonathan Benavides

Before becoming a clinical aromatherapist Jonathan studied psychology and specialised in autism and communication disorders where, working at the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Child Psychology (Leiden University, The Netherlands) in vertical groups with an emphasis on short diagnosis and treatment of autistic children and children with developmental problems between 5-18 years of age, he got first in touch with aromatherapy while developing multisensorial therapies for autistic children.

He has participated in several seminars, conferences and congresses in aromatherapy, complementary therapies, psychology and music therapy and Jonathan has always been involved in training, research and developing different therapeutic approaches for complimentary and Integrative care.

Jonathan is also:
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master,
HEARTS (UK) Teacher (trained and certified by Ann Carter),

Trainer and Lecturer.

Since 2009 he has been working within the Palliative Home Care system in the Netherlands with the very sick and the dying. During this time, he has developed, used, trained and lectured different therapeutic interventions (conventional and non-conventional) such as:

“Into the tunnel” for autistic children (1987)“Bio-gymnastics, integrating the emotions in your body (1989)

“Ahava, the Reiki of Love”, a new Reiki approach (2001)

“Anointing, a spiritual seance”, an energetic chakra harmonisation (2008)

“Into the Light”, psychological approach for the sick and dying (2011)

“Integrative Reiki, Reiki Usui together with essential oils, electromagnetic frequencies and roses energy” (2013)

“Reinforcing your T-cells”, a holistic immunological approach” (2015)

“Let be free again”, a trauma release aromatic approach (2017)

“Train to the Light” aroma and sound for HEARTS (UK) (2018)

“Remembering and Honouring you”, aroma and texture for HEARTS (UK) (2018)

“Adjusting, a multisensory self-compassionate approach for cancer related distress” (2019)

“De-Compression: the art of letting go” (2020)



Tuition: $375.00