Instinctively, it may seem that aromatherapy and technology don’t mix. Yet both digital learning and the study of aromatherapy offer a very individual, self-motivated experience. With online learning, your relationship to essential oils is cultivated at your pace, in your own environment, and in your own time.


When you fall in love with essential oils, it’s for many reasons. The obvious is that they are beautiful and just a bit magical. The less obvious is often more personal, and powerful: essential oils can heal the mind/body/spirit. Aromatherapy has the amazing ability to comfort, reinvigorate, and transform us.

Free Online Introduction to Aromatherapy7

Free Online Introduction to Aromatherapy Course

This course has been designed to build a foundation from which you may continue your journey into and through the world of aromatherapy. It introduces you to the way we teach, the format of our programs and the depth of information made available to you when you register for any of our programs.


Cultivating a love and mastery of essential oils begins with a strong foundation in the art and science of aromatherapy. Choosing to become certified adds a greater sense of skill and legitimacy to your practice —whether professional, or strictly personal—and opens up the path to continue mastering aromatherapy in all its beauty and therapeutic potential.


Already certified? These online aromatherapy courses have been designed to deepen your knowledge of specific subjects related to essential oils and aromatherapy. Our Aromatic Medicine (L1) course is our landmark course offering training thru the lens of western herbal energetics, the 6 tissue states, physiology, and safety in the appplication of aromatic medicine.

  • Aromatic Medicine Certificate Course (L1) | Online

    From: $335.00 / month for 3 months
    Confused about the validity and safety of internal use of essential oils? Interested in more in-depth clinical aromatherapy education? Advance your skills and knowledge of the medicinal benefits and applications of essential oils and hydrosols with the Aromatic Medicine Certificate Course.
  • Aromas and the Mind | Online

    The Aromas and the Mind certification course delves deeply into how olfaction directly affects our nervous/endocrine systems, emotions, immunity and stress response. The This is an advanced aromatherapy certification designed to enrich your sensory awareness of and relationship with essential oils.
  • Aromatic Applications for the Skin | Online


    The Aromatics and the Skin Online Certificate program offers an in-depth exploration into the therapeutic applications of aromatherapy for maintaining the health of the skin. We begin with a rich exploration of skin anatomy and physiology, examine common and not so common skin conditions, and experience a wide range of skin loving botanical ingredients.

  • Advanced Aromatic Chemistry | Online

    Our Aromatic Phytochemistry Certification Program offers an in-depth exploration into the chemistry of essential oils. We examine the symbiotic relationship between plants, essential oils and humans, the nature of chemical families and their therapeutic resonances as well as how to utilize the chemistry of essential oils in clinical practice and formulation.


Built on collaborative relationships with leading herbalists, botanical perfumers, and aromatherapists, our specialty programs are designed to focus on specific subjects that can expand your knowledge and use of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. Whether you want to explore hydrosols and their applications or create your own botanical body care product line, these courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed!

  • Aromatherapy For Pets | Online

    We all wonder - what essential oils are safe to use with your pets? Join Amandine Peter in a 2 hour recorded workshop and learn about which essential oils are recommended to use with your best furry friends and more importantly, which essential oils you should avoid.
  • CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy | Online

    Tuesdays, January 21st, 28th and February 4th, 2020 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST
    Curious about CO2 extracts? Join us in a three part live webinar series and online course and discover and learn what they are, their therapeutic benefits and how to use them.
  • Connecting Energies: Aromatherapy and Chakras | Online

    A recording of a 6 hour live class presented in NYC that explores uniques ways in which to integrate the use of essential oils while working with The Chakras. Learn about energetic synergies, formulate remedies and share olfactory experiences.
  • Demystifying Essential Oil Research: An Evidence Based Practice Approach | Online

    A four- part webinar series presented by Erika Galentin, MNIMH, RH (AHG) Clinical Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist (ITEC) designed to demystify scientific research on essential oils and the practice of Aromatherapy.
  • Diffusing Essential Oils: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know | Online

    Do you diffuse essential oils? Are you confused by what you read, and baffled by the huge selection of essential oils to choose from? Are you looking for best and safest practices? Diffusing essential oils is often considered one of the easiest first steps to experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy - and it is also often considered to be the safest delivery method.
  • Essential Oils and Pregnancy | Online

    A recording of a live day-long presentation offered in NYC exploring what essential oils are best for pregnancy and new motherhood. We will study and discuss safe practices, powerful and effective applications as well as recommendations best for newborns and infants.
  • Nourishing The Skin With Herbal Infusions | Online

    Explore one of the places where non-aromatic herbs meet aromatic herbs: macerated (aka infused) herbal oils. Herbal infused oils are excellent medicine for the skin and when combined with essential oils add another layer of therapy to your medicine chest
  • Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists, Nutritionists, and Aromatherapists | Online

    Tongue assessment can actually be fairly intuitive and doesn't require as much memorization as some other systems of assessment. Once you get the basics, it's easy to begin using this valuable tool right away. This is a great opportunity to receive step by step guidance in adding tongue assessment to your toolkit and promises to be interesting and useful for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike!
  • Botanical Body Care Products | Online

    From: $360.00 / month for 2 months
    The Botanical Body Care Products certification course has been designed through the lens of two exceptional aromatherapists and botanical product formulators, Amy Galper and Jade Shutes. Learn to formulate a wide range of plant-based skin care products including butters and creams, to gels, cleansers and masks and be poised to launch your own line of products.
  • Balms, Butters and Salves Certification Program | Online

    Our Butters, Balms and Salves online Certificate program has been designed for those wanting to begin making aromatherapy products as well as for those who would like to deepen their knowledge of formulating oil based products. A perfect program for massage therapists, estheticians, body care product makers, store owners, educators, and caregivers looking to formulate exceptionally effective butters, balms and salves.


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