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A Word From Jade Shutes

With so much emphasis these days on safety and essential oils, it seems that the challenge isn't really about 'more safety' but rather how shall we relate to it? how shall we interpret it so that it makes sense in our practice or general use of essential oils? And how shall we find balance within the extremes that appear on social media?

I like to begin with this idea:

Essential oils are safe.

And that is why this course is so valuable! It is designed to provide you with a positive based approach to the safety of essential oils rather then a fear-based approach!

Learning Objectives

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Learn which oils have been shown to be safe during pregnancy

Learn which oils have been shown to be safe for children

Learn which oils are beneficial and safe for your skin

Stop worrying you might cause an adverse reaction

Quickly gain confidence using essential oils

How to figure out safe dilution rates

Create safe and effective aromatic remedies

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Build your confidence to use essential oils safely and effectively!

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  • Using essential oils with confidence!
  • Having the skills to create remedies for others without the concern of causing adverse reactions.
  • ​Having the right training about which oils are safe to use for which particular situations
  • ​Integrating aromatherapy into your daily wellness practices to support emotional well-being and physical health
  • ​Becoming a trusted resource who positively impacts the health and well being of others with the knowledge of how to do so safely!

If you love using essential oils, and you are truly passionate about sharing how they work and how they can improve your health and wellbeing - Then getting trained on how to use them safely from a trusted expert with a proven approach is a no brainer…



Introduction to Aromatherapy E-book

Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Every successful brand begins with identifying and defining your intention, whether it is a product or service, an intention paves the way for creating the architecture of your business. You will learn how to craft your vision for your future along with creating a mission statement by understanding your “5 Ws”: what, who, where, why, and when.


Our Signature Guide to Essential Oil Safety

Safety of Essential Oils cover

Crafting an authentic voice defines your unique personality and essence for your brand. In this class, you will learn how to craft core values through archetype exercises, along with how to create your own logo and choose the right color palette to complement your brand.


Reference Charts

Essential Oils for Pregnancy
  • Essential Oil Safety Chart for Pregnancy
  • Essential Oil Safety Chart for Children
  • Best Essential Oils for the Facial Skin
  • Essential Oil Safety Checklist
  • List of Essential Oils to Avoid
  • Essential Oil Dilution Chart

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Meet Your Instructor

Aromatic Distillation with Jade Shutes
Meet Jade:

Thirty years ago, while living in London, England, I was blessed to have my first experience with aromatherapy. Suffering with debilitating back pain, a friend referred me to her friend Sophie, who offered aromatherapy. The British approach to aromatherapy was and is through the application of the essential oils via massage. My first aromatherapy session was life-transforming! At some point during the massage I fell fast asleep, and upon waking the very first thought I had was “THIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life!”.

Within the year I was enrolled at the Raworth College of Natural Health in Dorking, England. I was trained in anatomy and physiology, basic chemistry (hardly a focus in those days!), applied kinesiology, reflexology, iridology, and of course, essential oils and massage. Shortly after graduating, I returned to Boston, MA, my home town, to set up a practice for aromatherapy. This was 1991.

And now thirty years later, that is what I have lived to do: educate, practice, research, and write. I believe in the power of education and have seen how it empowers our students and graduates with the knowledge, they need to thrive in the 21st century wellness movement.

The issue of safety has been near and dear to my heart and I always begin with one simple statement: Essential Oils are SAFE as long as they are utilized with respect and knowledge.

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