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I experienced my first aromatherapy 'treatment' thirty years ago while living just outside of London, U.K. During the aromatherapy session, I fell fast asleep, dreaming, while breathing in the aromatics customized for me. I shall never forget the moment I awoke, the room was quiet, the sun gently pouring in from the skylight, aromatics still wafting the air around me, a feeling of complete and utter relaxation, and the very first thought I had was:

This is what I want to do with the rest of my life".

And indeed, it has been my dharma, my path in this life and I am filled with gratitude and wonder each day I continue this journey. And so, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says: And so may it be for you, and so may it be for me, and so may it be for all of us."

May your journey into aromatherapy be an inspired one!

Jade Shutes and her videographer, Taylor, filmed this introduction in a remote cabin in the mountains, an ideal place to be reminded of how simple and beautiful it can be to let nature, and essential oils, into your life.

Like any relationship, it takes time to cultivate and there are many ways to cultivate your relationship with aromatherapy. You just have to be open to experiencing aromatherapy and to integrating the use of essential oils into your life to support your health and wellness.

This course has been designed to build a foundation from which you may continue your journey into and through the world of aromatherapy.


Free Online Introduction to Aromatherapy Course Outline


Discovering Aromatherapy

Introduction, Discovering Aromatherapy

  • Plus our all NEW! 2022 Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils e-book!
  • Your Guide to Essential oil Safety
  • Quality of Essential Oil Checklist

Exploring Essential Oils & Hydrosols

Exploring Essential Oils, How Essential Oils are Produced, My Favorite Essential Oils, My Favorite Essential Oils for Autumn/Winter, What are Hydrosols?, Great Ways to Use Hydrosols


Exploring Base Oils

The basics about Vegetable and Herbal Oils


Safety and Essential Oils

What's all this about Safety?


Methods of Use

Methods of Use, Learn about Diffusing Essential Oils, How to Make a Personal Inhaler, How to Make a Body Oil, How to Make an Aromatic Spritzer, How to Make a Salt Scrub, How to Make a Hand Cleanser, How to Make Bath Salts


Blending and Creating

Blending and Creating, Spring, Summertime, Autumn, Winter, Aromatic Playdough For Childre



This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

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What you will learn:

Simply, this course initiates you into the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, and the strength and well-being they can create. Even better, it lets you get comfortable with the School for Aromatic Studies and our online learning platform before you commit to furthering your studies, should you wish to continue your journey.

And along with being empowered to make beautiful aromatic and therapeutic products for yourself, your family, friends, and/or existing clients, you will learn:

  • What aromatherapy is
  • Why plants produce essential oils
  • How essential oils are extracted from plants
  • How to use essential oils safely
  • The therapeutic properties of 20+ essential oils
  • How to pronounce the Latin binomials of essential oil plants
  • How to make a variety of beautiful simple body care products
  • And how to advance your aromatherapy education.
Foundations of Aromatherapy

Who is this course for?

Everyone! This course is your doorway into the world of aromatherapy, whether you’re imagining a new career, need inspiration, or simply want to nurture yourself, friends and family.

I am blown away by the content and quality of this course. I just took a peek…and stayed drawn into for nearly an hour. The videos are fantastic!!! Can’t wait to login again tomorrow! I have said this before and I will say it again, you are an amazing & generous soul, Jade! Thank you! –

It was SO AWESOME! I have taken other free courses but they do not compare! I am so excited even more so about starting my next purchased the format and the wealth of information...PRICELESS. I will continue with this school for all my Essential oil Education 🙂 Thank YOU!

Hello, my name is Cristina. I simply wanted to express my gratitude for the free Introduction to Aromatherapy course you so generously provide. I have just finished the last module, and have loved every minute of it. 

My passion towards aromatherapy has truly blossomed during the process. I hope to be able to enroll on your foundations program in the near future to deepen my knowledge further. 

Many thanks, 
Blessings, Cristina

I  just wanted to take this moment to thank you for your free online introductory course and your wonderful posts. I am low income and so very much appreciate having access to the depth of information you share. Your kindness has had a profound impact on my life. Thank you!
May you be well. Blessings.

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This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

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