Online Hydrosol Certification Course

Do you want to know more about hydrosols? Enhance your wellbeing and healing practice with these sacred aromatic waters!

Join what’s being called “The Quiet Revolution in Herbal Medicine!” Hydrosols, or aromatic waters, are ancient wisdom that’s just being rediscovered. They are powerful, safe and easy to use. If you’re looking for a class that teaches you everything you need to know to use and make hydrosols, our Online Hydrosol Certification Program is for you.

Cathy Skipper will take you on a journey from distillation to therapeutic uses of hydrosols. You will also learn the many ways to incorporate hydrosols into your practice—be it aromatherapy or herbal medicine. You will learn how to distill as well as how to prepare a wide range of hydrosol recipes for healing, cosmetic and culinary uses. The Hydrosol certification course offers an inspiring path to understanding these precious aromatic waters and includes a special interview with Dr. Florian Birkmayer.

No previous Aromatherapy training is required!

Online Hydrosol Certificate Course Outline

Certificate Course Outline


Introduction to Hydrosols Course

Introduction to Hydrosols Course, Hydrosols: a sense of place, Supplies and Resources, Concept of Terrain, Interview with Cathy Skipper


From Plant to Hydrosol

What is a Hydrosol?, The Differences between hydrosols and essential oils, History of Hydrosols, Distillation Overview, The Distillation Process, Collecting and Preserving Hydrosols, Purchasing Hydrosols,The differences between hydrosols and essential oils


Biochemistry of Hydrosols

Biochemistry of Hydrosols, Chemical Families in Hydrosols, Hydrosol Research, Research translation


Hydrosol Energetics

Energetics of Hydrosols, Hydrosol Encounter, Milkweed hydrosol, Hydrosols for emotional use, Interview with Florian Birkmayer


Hydrosol Monographs

Introduction to Hydrosol Monographs, 18+ monographs and more coming!


Methods of Application

Methods of Application for Hydrosols, Hydrosols for use with animals, Hydrosols for use with plants, Using Clays


Formulating with Hydrosols

Basic Hydrosol Recipes, Hydrosols in Cosmetics, Hydrosols and the Digestive System, Hydrosols and the Respiratory System, Hydrosols and the Female Reproductive System, Hydrosols and the Circulatory System, Hydrosols and the Skin, Hydrosols and the Mouth/Teeth, Draining the Organism, Combining Hydrosols and Flower Essences, Sprout: How to Make Flower Essences with Cathy Skipper, Sprout: Combining Tinctures and Hydrosols


Interview with a Distiller

Interview with Christa J. Obuchowski


Completion of Course


Who is this course for?

Everyone interested in deepening their experience and knowledge of hydrosols and distillation.

  • Professional aromatherapists who feel the need to complete their knowledge with a good basis in the use and fabrication of hydrosols.
  • Lay people who would like to learn more about hydrosols for home use.
  • Professionals and lay people who are interested in medicine making and would like to start distilling themselves.
  • Flower essence practitioners who would like to start making and using hydrosols for their energetic uses and for making flower essences in.
  • Herbalists who would like to add to their repertoire of medicine making by including hydrosols for their energetic, physical and aromatic qualities.
  • Natural cosmetic or aromatherapy body care product manufacturers who would like to make and use hydrosols in their products.

What you will learn:

  • You will learn where hydrosols come from and why they are coming back in force
  • How they are made and how you yourselves can make them
  • What hydrosols are and how you can use them therapeutically, in formulations and with other medicinal preparations.
  • How to recognize and use the powerful energetic properties of hydrosols.
  • How to use hydrosols in a variety of different recipes for healing, cosmetics and culinary purposes.

This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

Tuition: $325.



Our Online Hydrosols Certification Program comes with:

  • Videos and audios with Cathy explaining different aspects of the subject.
  • An audio interview with Florian Birkmayer about his use of hydrosols in psychiatry.
  • An audio interview with a distiller from Santa fe in New Mexico.
  • Lesson pdf’s and visuals you can print out or download to your device.
  • A choice of final paper to obtain the certification.

Meet Your Hydrosols Course Instructor

Cathy Skipper

Cathy, is English by birth and spent her adult life in rural France, where she farmed, trained and worked as a herbalist and aromatherapist and taught practical herbalism, botany and aromatherapy at the L’Ecole Lyonnaise de Plantes Medicinales’ in Lyon. She also participated for four years in an experimental approach to energetic healing called ‘Life cell’ under French Kinesiologist, Caroline Gupta. Her plant training in France included a two year course with Claude Lefebvre on Plant Communication. She left France last year to live and work in New Mexico with her partner Florian Birkmayer.

Cathy’s own work involves building bridges between aromatic medicine and herbalism as well as recognizing the importance of healing the healer and reconnecting with nature. In her teaching she marries, theory, practical work and energetics with an underlying intention of helping students develop an intuitive relationship between themselves, the plant/essential oil and the patient as an impetus for healing.

Her work with Florian is centralized around the work of Carl Jung and the psyche, aromatic molecules and the mind.


This online course is self-paced. Begin as soon as you sign up!

Tuition: $325