CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy | Online

Curious about CO2 extracts and their therapeutic role in aromatherapy?

Discover and learn what they are, their therapeutic benefits and how to use them.

CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy ONLINE Certificate Course

Part 1 | Online Course

I: What are CO2 extracts?

  • Introduction to CO2 Extracts
  • Understanding the basics of CO2 extraction
  • The difference between Total and Select extracts
  • Are they really better then essential oils?
  • Question and answer time 

II: CO2 Extracts | Essential Oil Palette (3 hours)

  • CO2 extracts versus Essential oils, including side to side comparisons of chemical composition, understanding similarities and differences, review of component research when relevant.
  • Dosage and dilution rates of each extract
  • Comparison between essential oil and co2 extract chemistry
  • Monographs and discussion on 15 co2 extracts in this palette 

III: CO2 Extracts | Carrier oil and Herbal oil Palettes

  • CO2 extracts and Lipids
  • The role of lipids and the skin
  • Therapeutic potential of fatty acids and essential fatty acids
  • Monographs on 2 herbal co2 extracts and 5 carrier co2 extracts
  • Dosage and dilution rates of each extract
Calendula CO2 Total extract and 10% dilution 2

Part 2 | Online Course

Module 1: Welcome and Introduction to CO2 Extracts
Welcome to the CO2 Extracts Course
Webinar 1
Introduction to:
CO2 Extracts | Essential Oil Palette
CO2 Extracts | Herbal and Carrier Oil Palettes
CO2 Extracts | Botanical Body Care Palette

Module 2: CO2 Extracts | Essential Oil Palette
Webinar 2
Angelica root CO2 Select Extract
Caraway CO2 Select Extract
Cardamom CO2 Total Extract
Celery seed CO2 Total Extract
German chamomile CO2 Select Extract
German Chamomile CO2 Total Extract
Cinnamon bark CO2 Select Extract
Clove bud CO2 Select Extract
Coriander seed CO2 Select Extract
Fenugreek CO2 Select Extract
Frankincense CO2 Select Extract
Ginger CO2 Extract (Select and Total)
Jasmine CO2 Select Extract
Juniper berry CO2 Select Extract
Lavender CO2 Select Extract
Rose CO2 Select Extract
Turmeric CO2 Total Extract

Module 3: CO2 Extracts | Herbal & Carrier Oil Palette
Webinar 3:
The Skin and the lipid matrix
Fatty acids and essential fatty acids
Arnica CO2 Total Extract
Calendula CO2 Total Extract
Pomegranate Seed CO2 Total Extract
Raspberry Seed CO2 Total Extract
Rosehip seed CO2 Total Extract
Sea Buckthorn CO2 Total Extract

Module 4: CO2 Extracts | Botanical Body Care Palette
Vanilla CO2 Total Extract
Coffee bean CO2 Total Extract
Cocoa CO2 Select Extract
Coconut CO2 Select Extract

CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy ONLINE Certificate Course

Pomegranate co2

Who Is This Course For?

What Will You Learn?

  • Individuals, aromatherapy enthusiasts interested in deepening their knowledge of aromatics
  • Aromatherapy practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge and application of co2 extracts
  • Herbalists interested in integrating co2 extracts into their practice
  • What co2 extracts are: how they are extracted, the different types of co2 extracts available, how they are different and similar to their essential oil counterparts
  • Dosage for internal use
  • Dilution rates for cutaneous/dermal application
  • The therapeutic applications of co2 extracts in clinical practice
About Jade Shutes Aromatherapy

Jade Shutes

Meet Your CO2 Course Instructor

Jade Shutes holds a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and Reflexology from the Raworth College of Natural Medicine in Dorking, UK, and a Diploma in Aromatherapy from the International Therapist Examining board (ITEC). She has studied herbal and aromatic medicine for over a decade with David Hoffman, Rosemary Gladstar, Thomas Easley, Erin Groh, Jan Kusmirek, jim mcdonald, and many others. She has also completed one year at the Maryland University of Integrative Medicine where she fell in love with pathophysiology!

Today she is the visionary for the School for Aromatic Studies.


CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy ONLINE Certificate course includes:

  • Lifetime Access to Course Material
  • Prerecorded Webinar series on CO2 extracts and aromatherapy
  • Certificate of attendance: CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy


PLEASE NOTE: Course does not come with supplies. However, there will be a complete list of supplies you will need for the program.

sea buckthorn CO2

CO2 Extracts and Aromatherapy

ONLINE Certificate Course