In this course we will journey through the seven main chakras and layers of the auric field.

I share stories of personal healing utilizing tools that helped to heal imbalances in my life.

We will explore aromatherapy, color, crystals and flower/gem essences to balance our chakras and our lives.

Personal empowerment tools will include, anointing oils, aura misters and diffuser blends.

Throughout this course we will learn how to utilize colored silk squares, color glasses and colored water and how to bring all these subtle modalities together to use with ourselves and our clients.

We will bring it all together with the power of intent and affirmations.

What you will be able to do:

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the human energy field.


  • Have a basic understanding of the chakra system.


  • Understand the basic functions of each chakras and their corresponding essential oils.
  • Understand how to utilize vibrational therapies to balance the chakras.
  • Have tools to test the chakras for imbalances.
  •  Understand the power of Intention.


  • Understand how to create affirmations for yourself and others.
  • Understand how to incorporate essential oils, essences, color, and crystals into products for balancing the chakras.
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Aromatherapy for the Chakras

Tuition: $125



What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the Human Energy Field
  • Introduction to the Chakra System
  • Exploring Vibrational therapies: Aromatherapy
  • Exploring Vibrational therapies: Flower and Gem Essences
  • Exploring Vibrational therapies Crystals and Color Therapy
  • Tools to Test the Chakras: Dowsing, Pendulum, Meditation
  • Chakra 1 Root
  • Chakra 2 Sacral
  • Chakra 3 Solar Plexus
  • Chakra 4 Heart
  • Chakra 5 Throat
  • Chakra 6 Third Eye
  • Chakra 7 Crown
  • The Power of Intention
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Personal Empowerment Products: Anointing Oils, Aura Misters and Diffuser Blends

Who is this course for?

Everyone! This course is your doorway into the world of aromatherapy and the chakras.

  • The Aromatherapy Entrepreneur who would like expand their existing knowledge base.
  • Massage Therapists who would like to add chakra training.
  • Individuals who would like to be explore the world of chakras.
  • Herbalists interested in integrating essential oils and chakras into their practice.

Meet YOUR Instructor

Michelle Ensley

Michelle Ensley: Lead Instructor

Michelle attended massage school at Brenneke school of massage, became an energy worker, studied aromatherapy, flower essences, gem essences, and herbal medicine. She opened her massage practice in 2002 and began her aromatherapy studies with Jade Shutes and the IDA (now Aromatic Studies). She has been teaching the Aromatic Studies curriculum since 2005 and became involved in Hospice work in 2003 with MultiCare Home Health and Hospice, working as a comfort therapist providing massage, reiki, and doing clinical aromatherapy consultations.

To learn more about Michelle, visit here.


Aromatherapy for the Chakras

Tuition: $125