The Carrier Oil Palette | Online Workshop

Tuesdays and Thursdays
February 22nd and 24th & March 1st and 3rd
10am - 1pm EST

Everything you ever wanted to know about carrier oils, herbal oils, CO2 extracts (in the carrier oil palette), and butters for essential oils and aromatherapy!

The Carrier Oil Palette Online Workshop will inspire, empower, and cultivate your relationship with unique base oils that can enhance the therapeutic potential of essential oils and other aromatic extracts! Join us for this in-depth look at the carrier oil palette.

The Carrier Oil Palette Workshop

Certificate Course Outline


Introduction to the Carrier Oil Palette

We will begin our journey with defining the carrier oil palette, the therapeutic benefits of oils, extraction methods and how refining affects quality of carrier oils. We will then take a deep dive into the chemistry of fixed oils.


Lipids and the Skin

In this lesson, we will explore the anatomy and physiology of the skin and develop an rich understanding of the value of lipids for the skin.


The Core Carrier Oils

Core carrier oils are oils that are commonly used at 100% or as a larger percentage of formulations with carrier oils.

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The Enhancer Carrier Oils

Enhancer Carrier oils are just that, carrier oils that enhance the core.


The Herbal Oils

You will learn all about popular herbal oils, their therapeutic properties, and how to formulate with them. Arnica, Calendula, Carrot, Chickweed, Comfrey, Cottonwood and St. John's wort!


The Butters

For the love of butters! We will explore a range of butters used in formulating a variety of skin care products.


The Art and Science of Formulating

Learn how to formulate with the carrier oil palette.

Who is this course for?

Everyone interested in deepening their knowledge and application of carrier oils to support healthy skin! This course is your doorway into using carrier oils for their powerful affects on the skin.

  • Aromatherapy practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge on the benefits of the carrier oil palette
  • Massage Therapists and Estheticians who would like to expand their applications of carrier oils in their practice.
  • The Aromatherapy Entrepreneur who would like to expand their knowledge of carrier oils.
  • Herbalists interested in integrating a wide range of body care products into their herbal practice and product offerings.
  • Individuals interested in learning how to use the power of carrier oils to support the health of the skin.

What you will learn:

Upon successful completion of Aromas and the Mind you will be able to:

  • Explain the general roles/functions of the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Discuss various research on the effects of essential oils on the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Describe how essential oils support and enhance the immune system.
  • Describe the autonomic nervous system: its functions and its role in stress.
  • Describe the impact of stress on body/mind/spirit wellness.
  • Create a wide range of aromatic products for psychological well-being.
  • Utilize the Morphology blending technique to blend for emotional imbalances.
  • Utilize the power of our sense of smell to promote wellness and resilience in self and others.
  • Enhance your relationship with the natural world of aromatics.

Dates for Online Live Workshop

The Carrier Oil Palette Workshop includes:

  • 7 Modules devoted to the sense of smell and the role of aromatics in health and wellness
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Email/phone tutorial support
  • Review of case studies and final exam.
  • Certificate for Aromas and the Mind – 75 hours.
  • CE hours for massage therapists (NCBTMB) and NAHA members

PLEASE NOTE: Course does not come with supplies. You will need to order this separately. The list of necessary supplies is here.


The Carrier Oil Palette Online Workshop


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How to make a herbal oil


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How to make a herbal oil