Ayurveda 101: The Art and Science of Life and Longevity

With Radha Schwaller

Learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your life


Instructor: Radha Schwaller

What is Ayurveda and how can it help me? Ayurveda is thought to be the oldest healing modality on the planet. This healing science that is over 5000 years old is based on nature and the natural rhythms that surround us and everything on the planet.

To better understand how to interpret these rhythms and how they effect us, we explore the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. Through this elemental lens we discover that each of us has a unique and different balance point.

When we understand our inherent nature and how the day to day rhythms, seasons, foods, movement choices, herbs, and sleep patterns influence us, we can choose a path that is healing and nourishing for our life to be vibrant and aligned with nature.

About the Course: Ayurveda 101 is an in depth look at the science of life and longevity and how we can use this language of nature in our daily self care rituals, individualized nutrition plans, daily scheduling and to better understand our clients needs as healing arts practitioners to get optimal holistic health results. 

Ayurveda 101

Course Content

Week one:  Where did Ayurveda come from and is it still relevant today? The five elements, Discover your nature, dosha quiz, the koshas: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual layers of the human, creating customized self care rituals.

Week two: Sacred time and space, the elements in the times of day, seasonal changes and how to bring balance, Prana: soma, agni, marut, adjusting your self care rituals with the seasons.

Week Three: Food as Medicine, agni: digestive fire, the 6 tastes, recipes for daily wellness

Week Four: Ojas: Ayurveda for Immunity

Week Five: All About the healing and medicinal properties of spices: Making your own spice blends

Week Six: Warm Oil Therapies to soothe the nervous system: making Ayurvedic herb infused and aromatherapy body oil, nose oil,and other home spa products

Week Seven: Gentle Ayurvedic Detox: how to remove toxins from your body to glow from the inside out

Week Eight: Ayurvedic Beauty: Learn Marma Chikitsa and Facial Rejuvenation, make your own organic beauty products at home

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Set of various aromatic colorful spices in old vintage spoons and herbs on a dark wooden background. Ingredients for cooking. Top view

Course Details

This course is a mixture of lecture style and direct experience. You will receive a list of materials that you are welcome to purchase tofollow along with the hands on demonstrations as you desire.

Materials: You will receive a manual and materials list.

Certification: You will receive an Ayurveda 101 Certificate

Tuition: $375.00


Meet Your Instuctor: Radha Schwaller

Radha Schwaller


Radha Schwaller is a devoted Mother, Certified Ayurvedic Educator and Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapistand Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula. She owns a business she created, Bliss Alchemy, in the front range of the Rocky Mountains to assist people in enhancing their self-care rituals.

Radha has incorporated holistic health into her and her families’ lives for almost two decades. Her Holistic Health journey began in 2001 during a herbal medicine apprenticeship in the deciduous forests of the Midwest.

In 2001, she became certified in Reiki levels one and two. In 2007 she completed her massage therapy training. Her Ayurvedic training began at Kanyakumari School of Ayurveda where she studied Ayurveda foundations, herbal medicine, nutrition, Ayurvedic Body therapies, Panchakarma and received her Certificate in Ayurvedic Education in 2008.  Radha received her Wise Earth Ayurveda Practitioner certificate in 2012. The majority of the Ayurveda Radha practices today come from the beautiful and ancient lineage of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda from the late Vaidya Mishra.

Radha has studied aromatherapy with Jade Shutes and on her own for over 15 years. She has also trained with DONA and Sacred Doula to assist mothers during labor and childbirth.

Radha is working to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree from Prescott College in Human Development and Transpersonal Psychology.

Radha is a gifted healer and teacher that weaves together her rich mixture of elements from sound healing, art therapy, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, herbalism, magic, laughter and energy work to create a learning journey that willbring balance to your mind, ease to your body and the light of BLISS to your spirit.


Tuition: $375.00