Art of Botanical Perfume: Level I Certificate Program
with Roxana Villa

A seven module course designed for individuals interested in beginning a journey in the creation of simple perfumes using a palette of botanical essences within a framework of artistry. The class includes video content, inspirational imagery and a printable pages.

Course Price:

This is a Foundations Course and will be the basis for advanced studies.
You MUST have this kit to complete the course.


*Tuition includes Kit. Kit must be used to complete the course.
International orders will incur additional shipping fees for the kit.

What is Perfume & Introduction

Have you ever wondered where the word “Perfume” came from? In this module Roxana defines the word and gives an overview of the different palettes currently used to create perfume, knowledge on the complexities of this ancient practice and help you understand its depth before proceeding to the history of the industry.


History of Perfume Module

The “wholistic” telling of this story begins with the first aromatic molecules which came from the conifers. Discovered by the First People who noticed mood shifts and decreased insects while burning this plant material, the history of humanity has progressed in unison with our utilization of fragrance. In this module Roxana will share how the crafting of perfume stems from ancient fragrant preparations that were used for spiritual rituals and physical remedies. She will teach you about the multifaceted world-wide uses of scent from India, China, the Middle East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome providing insight into how this art form has changed and progressed through the ages.


Tools & Raw Materials

An artist, of any sort, cannot do anything without their tools and supplies. Roxana will explain what basic tools and raw materials you will need before fashioning your own perfume. She will explain and define words such as “Pipette” and “Stirring Rod”, as well as why you need beakers, funnels, blotter strips and more. Also in this module you will learn about essential oils; absolutes; extracts and concretes; high proof alcohol and how to make a vanilla tincture and infusion.


Fragrance Families & Types

In this module you will learn about the basic fragrance families and types of perfume. Roxana’s knowledge on this subject abounds, and she will provide you with the basics to better understand the scents you will be experiencing during this course and into the future. The language of perfumery is very complex and by the end of this module you will understand the difference between “fragrance families”, “types”, “descriptives” and “notes”.


Olfactory Awareness

Exercising and building what Roxana refers to as olfactory awareness is the backbone of creating perfume. This is something you can practice every single moment of your waking life, with every breath…and in turn it will help you develop mindfulness. In this module Roxana will provide step-by-step instructions on how to dive deep into the wonders of your olfactory SUPER POWER, enabling you to experience scents rather than just learn about them. You will become empowered by your own experiences, and not be forced to conform to predetermined conceptions of scent.





In this module Roxana takes us through her workspace, sharing artful influences and explains how there are many paths of learning. Utilizing right brain, circular thinking the student is led to their inner Temple of Delphi, to access their own personal artistry and aesthetics to manifest unique, one of a kind fragrances.



In Roxana’s final lesson you will construct a fragrance using the basic top, middle, and base note structure with suggestions on how to make modifications based on supplied formulas. She will guide you on perfume concentrations, proportions of aromatic compounds and the different carriers; and what the different types of carriers mean for the end result of the scent. So that we have a broad outlook we will look at various blending methods and modalities used in the creation of fragrance. By the end of this course you will have a framework for orchestrating botanical perfumes from empowered wisdom and a format to continue building your knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the Art of Botanical Perfume you will be able to:

  • Understand the different palettes found throughout the perfume industry.
  • Describe what botanical perfume is and what makes it unique.
  • Basic knowledge of 27 plant essences used in botanical perfume.
  • Understanding and using the linguistics of perfume.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of fragrance families, types & notes.
  • Understanding of different methods for accessing greater creativity, components of individual style, how to uncover your own unique blueprint and use different systems and artistic approaches to personal aesthetics.
  • Alchemy and perfume.
  • Design a simple nine note liquid perfume.


You will learn about the following aromatic material:

You will be working with 27 authentic, botanical essences that have been specifically
selected for this course and using aromatic extracts made from supplied formulas.
The aromatics includes florals, woods, seeds, resins and more.

Who is this course for?

Everyone! This course is your doorway into the world of botanical perfume.

What the course comes with

Art of Botanical Perfume Online Course book which is segmented into the different modules. Besides the content covered in each module, the book includes:
• A Suppliers and Recommended Reading & Viewing Lists
• Worksheets and Handouts
• List of Definitions
• 80 hours of training devoted to Botanical Perfume




"Just wanting to share that I am thrilled with the course especially the small tin container full of big burstingly awesome essential oils. Each essential oil you picked to create the set of 27 was spot on. I feel like I got mega bang for my buck as I have already practiced - created - experimented - experienced the oils bunches and my intuition is tickled about more to come. Great choices! Thank you for all you do. My heart is happy.”
Tracy  Amiel, USA

"Roxana Villa's Art of Botanical Perfume course blew me away! It was so much more alluring and beautiful than I expected. Roxana presents the course in such a way that is so intriguing and pleasing to the senses. This class has started me on yet another journey through scent and soul. An awesome introductory class for anyone interested in purely botanical perfume.” Rachel Loren
Herbalist and Aromatic Alchemist at Moon Wise Herbals


"The Art of Botanical Perfume is a visually stunning course that guides you not only in technical matters but in your path of personal artistry. You can read books on how to make perfume, but this course delivers so much more – it taps into the history of perfume, root of alchemy, builds organoleptic abilities, and helps you discover who you are as a perfumer. Roxana delivers the tools to become a botanical perfumer and the guidance and inspiration to become a great one. I am forever changed from taking this course and yet feel my journey in botanical perfume is just beginning. I am so excited for the path ahead."
Naomi Farr, USA

“Besides the basics, this course plunged me into deeper realms; those of alchemy, of self-discovery, creativity, style, and artistry. The rich course content, delightfully enhanced by Roxana’s choice of video and enchanting visual art, kept me intensely committed to the practical knowledge and profoundly engaged by the sheer beauty and form of each lesson. Left captivated, I soon realized that I gained more knowledge than I ever thought possible and I keep going back to the lessons to be mesmerized again and again. This is not just a course to be taken, but one to be experienced. Highly recommended!!”
Cheryll A. Maze, USA

"This course was going to be an extension of Aromatherapy for me, but it has turned into my primary interest now - I look forward to travelling down this path! This course has been so thorough and in-depth, and has made me feel confident to go forth and create more perfumes with enough understanding of the process of creation!”
Evonne Z., Australia

Art of Botanical Perfume: Level I Certificate Program
with Roxana Villa

Course Price:

This is a Foundations Course and will be the basis for advanced studies.
You MUST have this kit to complete the course.


*Tuition includes Kit. Kit must be used to complete the course.
International orders will incur additional shipping fees for the kit.

* PLEASE NOTE: Course Comes with Botanical Perfume Kit!
Roxana has created a specialized kit, with the help of Eden Botanicals to accompany the Art of Botanical Perfume Online Course. The kit contains 27 individually selected essences marked only by a small numbered sticker on the top of each 1/16th ounce amber bottle, which correlates to an enclosed key card. The purpose of this design is so that each student of the course will begin to develop their own personal “olfactory awareness” by regularly exercising their sense of smell without thinking mind getting in the way. The amber bottles arrive in a four inch round tin with one hundred scent strips and folded key card.
Each essence has been chosen with purpose and in-sync with Module 5: Olfactory Awareness & Module 7: Orchestration. Roxana has put together a system, filled with her own sign posts from her experience in aromatherapy and as a botanical perfumer. She has gone through what doesn’t work so that you don’t have to! These authentic plant distillates have been sourced from all over the world, representing the exquisite terrain of the glorious and diverse flora of our planet.



About Roxana

Like the facets of a gem Roxana’s pure botanical perfumes reflect a myriad of synergistic disciplines. Professional training in aromatherapy cultivated her nose with a firm knowledge of the healing attributes found in the plant kingdom. As an award winning artist she brings gifts of storytelling, conceptual thinking and a strong visual aesthetic to her work in fragrance. These two disciplines weave seamlessly with her natural instincts into authentic expressions of olfactory art.

In addition to sharing her combined strengths as an artist, aromatherapist and botanical perfumer Roxana weaves a spell of beauty throughout this course with rich imagery created by her and her husband Greg Spalenka.