Inspiring and Empowering Aromatherapy Education

Designed for healthcare professionals, holistic practitioners, and individuals seeking to be empowered in their own self-care health and wellness.

Our online Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate Course: Aromatic Scholars has been designed as a holistic aromatherapy course for natural health practitioners, spa specialists, natural health business owners/entrepreneurs, herbalists, massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, healthcare providers, and for individuals interested in advancing their knowledge and application of aromatherapy in their business and/or home and becoming a clinical aromatherapist.

The course provides 350 hours (inclusive of 100 hours of Anatomy and Physiology) of training and is one of the most advanced aromatherapy education programs available awarding you the ability to call yourself a ‘Certified Clinical Aromatherapist‘ (CCA) or ‘Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner‘ (CAP) or ‘Certified Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner‘ (CHAP).

Graduates of the Online Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate Course: Aromatic Scholars may obtain professional membership with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). Level Two and Partial Level Three.

This is an advanced level class. Aroma101/Foundations or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

Online Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate Course: Aromatic Scholars Outline



Getting Started, Complete Supply List and Resources, About Your Paper, Additional Books


Botanical Explorations

Advanced Botanical Nomenclature, Botanical Specificity, Morphological Specificity, Biochemical Specificity, Botany Quiz


Essential Oil Monographs

Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Annonaceae, Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Betulaceae, Burseraceae, Canellaceae and Cistaceae, Ericaceae and Geraniaceae, Lamiaceae/Labiatae, Lauraceae and Myristicaceae, Myrtaceae, Oleaceae and Piperaceae, Poaceae syn. Gramineae, Rosaceae, Rutaceae, Santalaceae, Valerianaceae and Zingiberaceae


Aromatics and the Skin

Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin, The Health of the Skin, Aromatherapy and the Skin, Essential Therapeutics and the Skin, Essential Oils for the Skin, Vegetable Oils, Herbal Oils, Hydrosols, Other Ingredients, Cleansers and Toners, Oils and Creams, Gels and Salves, Exfoliants and Scrubs, Clays and Baths, Western Skin Types, Disorders of the Skin, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosaceae, Bruises and Pruritus, Wounds/Scars, Sunburn, Cellulite, Boils, Viral Skin Conditions, Sprout: Seasonal Skincare (Autumn and Winter), Skincare Consultations

Clinical Aromatherapy Online Certification 2

Aromas and the Mind

Introduction to Aromas and the Mind, Overview of Aromas and the Mind, Introduction to the Nervous System, The Central Nervous System, The Peripheral Nervous System, The Endocrine System, The Immune System, All About Stress, Aromatic Solutions for Stress, How to make stress your friend, The Anatomy of Olfaction, The Nature of Olfaction, Aromatics for Neuroendocrine system, Aromatics for Immunity, Morphology Blending Technique, Aromas and the Mind Consultation


Aromatic Chemistry

Plants - Nature's Chemical Powerhouses, Plants and Humans, Basics of Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Organic Chemistry with Nicholas Zemp, Organic Chemistry and Essential Oils, The Chemical Families, Understanding what you are about to learn about! , Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, Monoterpene Alcohols, Sesquiterpene Alcohols, Esters, Aldehydes, Ketones, Phenols, Phenylpropanoids, Oxides, Lactones and Furanocoumarins, Structure Function Charts, Experiential Project: Structure Energy Charts, Upload Structure Charts, Resources, Sprout: Ecological Pharmacology


Healthcare and Self Care

Holistic Framework, A&P of the Musculoskeletal System, Essential Therapeutics for the Musculoskeletal System, Herbal Oils for the Musculoskeletal System, Aromatic Remedies for the Musculoskeletal System, A&P of the Respiratory System, Essential Therapeutics for the Respiratory System, Aromatic Remedies for the Respiratory System, The Digestive System, Essential Therapeutics for the Digestive System, Aromatic Remedies for the Digestive System, The Reproductive System, Essential Therapeutics for the Reproductive System, Aromatic Remedies for the Female Reproductive System, Sprout: Aromatherapy and the Female Reproductive System by Cathy Skipper, A&P of the Cardiovascular System, Essential Therapeutics for the Cardiovascular System, Aromatic Remedies for the Cardiovascular System, A&P of the Lymphatic System, Essential Oils and Aromatic Remedies for the Lymphatic System, The Urinary System, Essential Therapeutics for the Urinary System, Aromatic Remedies for the Urinary System


The Practice of Aromatherapy

Dynamic Aromatherapy, A Holistic Framework, The Practice of Aromatherapy, Sprout: Legalities of Practice


Course Completion

How to Complete Course, How to Complete Your Case Studies, Submit Case Studies, Research Paper

Clinical Aromatherapy Online Certification

Who is this course for?

  • The emerging Aromatherapist or budding Aromatherapy Practitioner who would like to expand their existing knowledge.
  • Herbalists interested in integrating essential oils into their herbal practice and formulations.
  • Individuals interested in deepening their understanding of aromatherapy and its application in supporting wellness and preventing imbalances in health.

What you will learn:

Along with being empowered to make beautiful aromatic and therapeutic products for yourself, your family, friends, and/or existing clients, you will:

  • Experience an In-depth study of 50+ essential oils
  • Develop a rich understanding of the skin and the therapeutics of essential oils
  • Cultivate a deeper knowledge of our sense of smell and it’s ability to support health and well-being
  • Be inspired by and advance your studies of the phytochemistry of essential oils
  • Learn how to safely and effectively ‘treat’ a wide range of common health conditions.
  • Formulate aromatherapy wellness plans based upon individual needs.
  • Understand the legalities of aromatherapy practice

What you will be able to do:

Graduates of the School for Aromatic Studies have a wide range of potential careers to explore including:

  • Aromatherapy practitioner
  • Aromatherapy entrepreneur
  • Aromatherapy writer/blogger
  • Spa consultant/practitioner
  • Retail specialist
  • Aromatherapy educator
  • Integrative healthcare practitioner
  • Product designer
  • Hospice/Palliative care practitioner

Our Online Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate Course: Aromatic Scholars comes with:

  • The Aromatic Scholars Certification exclusive training material designed and written by Jade Shutes.
  • Full Monographs of over 60 essential oils.
  • Lifetime Access to Course Material, Audio and Video Content
  • Jade’s Favorite Suppliers and Resources
  • Discount on Essential Oils
  • Student forum
  • Review of case studies, final paper, and exam.
  • Certificate and CE hours for massage therapists.
  • Graduate Directory listing upon successful completion of course.

PLEASE NOTE: Course does not come with supplies. You will need to order this separately.

Meet Your Online Aromatic Scholars Instructors

Jade Shutes

Jade Shutes is an aromatherapist, herbalist, author, researcher, gardener, and aromatic distiller.

She holds a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and Reflexology from the Raworth College of Natural Medicine in Dorking, UK, and a Diploma in Aromatherapy from the International Therapist Examining Board (ITEC). She also holds a certificate in herbal medicine.

An aromatherapy practitioner, researcher, and educator for over three decades, Jade is passionate about aromatics and believes the sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses for healing the mind/body/psyche in this era of upheaval and change. She is considered a thought leader in the aromatherapy community and is highly respected for her balanced, progressive, and inspiring education.

Jade is the founder and visionary of the School for Aromatic Studies. She is the past president for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (2000-2003 and 2013-2015), author of “Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers”, co-author of “The Carrier Oil Palette”, and the main author of the “Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy.

Special Course Lessons by:


My experience at The School for Aromatic Studies has been amazing. I have completed the Foundation of Aromatics course and am now working my way through the Aromatic Scholars course. I have taken numerous distance learning programs and this one is the most beautiful and easy to navigate course that I have had the privilege of taking. As a busy mom, I have been grateful to be able to work through the course materials at my own pace and the program is set up to be able to easily see just where you have left off. The materials are incredibly informative and I love how much I am learning about essential oils and how to safely use them for my family and friends. So happy with these courses and looking forward to taking a few more in the future.
Jessica Aveni